is back.

I've taken a long hiatus from writing outside of the writing I do for work. Because of Covid-19, I've been working on lots of little projects and hobbies and this space is meant to be a place where I can talk about and document those.

Hobbies #

Coding #

The first piece of coding I want to work on is actually for this blog. I want a "github style" daily tracker for each of my hobbies / projects that way I can at a glance tell what I'm focusing on, when progress has been made, and try and get past some of the samey-ness that the Covid WFH lifestyle has been leading to.

I'd also like to restart work on my ray tracer.

3D-Printing #

I picked up a new 3D printer in May, it's a massive improvement over my old printers. Turns out that the technology progressed in the 6 years since I last built a printer. I've got the new printer setup to print very quickly. It's got a 0.8mm nozzle and can knock out a large scale print that's got low definition but high strength in no time at all. This means I can use it for real engineering projects and not have to babysit the printer or wait weeks to get everything printed.

Astronomy #

My first big project with the 3D printer is an equatorial mount astrotracker for my DSLR. The construction on that is done and the arduino code is loaded now I just need to do calibration and fine tuning; which I've been putting off. With the shorter days and long nights, I'll probably find the time to finish that soon.

I'd also like to try my hand at building a telescope. The PiKon project looks interesting, but it's built with european hardware in mind which'll make it more difficult to source in the states.

Woodworking #

I've been slowly but surely building a small woodshop in my garage. I'm working mainly in plywood which is great since I make lots of mistakes and the cost and consequences for failure are low. I've realized I really need a table saw or a way to efficiently do rip cuts with my circular saw to make more progress. My next project is likely going to be the construction of a jig that'll let my circular saw act like a track saw.

Writing #

I'm going to try and split my time between creative / fiction writing and non-fiction writeups of my hobbie projects.

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